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Live Stream Upcoming!

It’s been a few weeks since our last blog and I am a couple behind, so look out for a BWXF blog and an episode 8 one coming soon!

On the success of BWX Fest we will definitely be doing future events, hopefully another one this year, but we don’t have any plans in place as yet. Talking of Online Events, The Ministry of Dice has just released details of their next online PDM, you can find all the details here

And finally, and the main reason for the blog, we have been called out to do another live stream (thanks Stu.ART), so will be hosting a live stream of our next episode on Saturday 13th February at 8pm on our Twitch channel. Expect our usual challenge game, plus not 1, but 2 games based around new card spoilers, which may just include some never before seen Kryptonite Crisis card spoilers……

Speaking of which, I’ll just leave this here –

That’s right, our first look at a new Bizarro, and a return for the Stun tokens! I really like the control possibilities that stunning character cards brings, although it hasn’t really seen any top level gameplay.

What are your thoughts of this new card, or any of the new cards spoiled so far? You can email us on the contact us page with your thoughts, or through the other social methods and don’t forget to tune in to our twitch channel on Saturday 13th February for our live stream and for more exclusive spoilers!!

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