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Spoiler Alert!

Last night We had our Third Live Stream! Thanks to everyone that joined us even if you couldn’t stay the whole time, we had a blast as always and really can’t thank you enough for your continued support! We’re glad to be able to give back to the community, not just with our videos, but also we love giving you an insight into our games as we’re playing them, honestly, all our recording sessions are that zany and random! We also love the fact that we can give back in other ways, like with the new Superman Kryptonite Crisis Set Spoilers (Thanks Jimmy, and Wizkids, Its a real honour!) but we’ll come to them later…..

The First game was our regular Challenge game, this week it was Uncommon Weenies – all our cards had to be 3 cost or less. Here are our teams



This was a close match, although the score probably says another thing! Alex focused on trying to make Rush work for him, but kept getting the timing wrong, but did do a fair bit of damage with his Rockets and Connors. Ultimately though the lack of field from using his Daisy Johnsons meant that I had the upper hand with my beasts gaining me life back when I did take damage, and I took the Win 20-0

Game 2

For game 2 we decided to do a Token-Off match where I used the Master Mold spoiled by the MoD last year and Alex would try a team based around the new Mister Mind Spoiled by DM North late last month. Here are the Teams



It quickly became apparent in this match-up that due to the timings of Alex’s first choice parasite not being able to give his attack to the right character, plus the masses of energy needed to produce tokens from the Mister Mind, that it wasn’t going to touch my token making ability with Master Mold, therefore a few turns in we agreed to change from the Parasite that gives his attack to a character, to the one that steals an opposing characters text. with this new direction, it became a clear Master Mold off, with a combined 12 tokens in the field at any one time. It was a really close game, but I had the slight advantage of having 3 token triggers compared to Alex’s 2 per turn. I’m still very much in love with the Master Mold, itwill be a real beast once it comes to the fold, however the Mister Mind is just a bit too energy hungry, with the tokens also not being beefy enough to warrant the costs involved.

Game 3 – The Spoiler Showcase game!

In addition to the Common Bizarro we spoiled a couple of weeks ago, we were sitting on 2 more cards! We were given the common version of Doctor Fate and Batman!

Well there you go!!

Bizarro – Arctic Vision

here we have a return of the Stun token! I’m not sure how much competitive play this card will see, but if I pulled it in a draft I’d definitely look to use it, in a limited format like draft, effectively costing your opponent half of their energy just to unstun something will definitely slow them down, and if that’s the only character they have fielded then they could be looking at up to 8 damage as well!

Doctor Fate – Helmet of Fate

Again I think that this will fare better in draft than competitive, but if paired up with something like Under Surveillance, then you could be pinging a fair bit of damage through. We’ll see how it fares in a competitive setting in a moment, as well as our final spoiler

Batman – Rooftops

This is by far my favourite of our 3 spoilers and, due to my love of the Green Lantern – Human wincon, is definitely straight up there as one of my favourite cards! Based on the GL team it has it all, mask character, check, JL character, check, Energize ability which gives me the chance to roll more masks, check, powerful global, check. Lets also focus on that global – SR Thor gets a boost from it, as does the upcoming Human Torch reprinted SR Jubilee, as well as Atlantis ramp, and Fish slap teams. Its not only can create a wall of sidekicks at will on your opponents turn, but in doing so it can give huge ramp for your next turn if you block with them, but it clears out you bag to pull your characters through super quickly too.

Here’s the teams we played using our spoilers



Alex knew from the start that my team was going to be stronger so he set about disrupting it as much as possible! His wincon was to give Doctor Fate Overcrush and have Parasite in the field, effectively doubling Parasite’s effect and to give him some defenders. It went pretty much as expected, due to my ability to naturally roll a lot of sidekicks, The highlight of the game was me fielding all 8 sidekicks at the end of 1 of Alex’s turns using the Batman Global, then attacking on my next turn with all of them. Unfortunately it was only a matter of time for Alex, although I think there is probably something in that Doctor Fate that could be implemented into a T1.5/2 team to make it really shine. The Batman, on the other hand, despite the high cost, propels the GL team nearer to T1.

We hope you like these new spoilers, we certainly do!

If you have any other thoughts on them then you can contact us though the contact us page or leave a comment on this post

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