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BWXML Round 7

This week sees something a bit fishy happening….

Alex ventures back to his safe place of fish slap, whilst being a bit hit and miss, when it does hit it’s usually fatal! I went for a combo that I have tried a couple of times previously – combining Sylgar’s ability with a damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don’t tag out Eddie Guerrero.

My main combo requires me to have Sylgar and Eddie in the field and attacking with a 0A Sylgar. Obviously normally you would let that through for zero damage, but with Eddie Guerrero in the field the options are thus – block (and most likely KO) Sylgar and take 2 damage, or don’t block Sylgar, but then let me Tag Out Eddie to give Sylgar an Attack value of 2 per Eddie dice in the field, this way there’s no real good outcome for the opponent. especially when combined with Supreme Intelligence to make sure I have quick access to my Sylgar dice again.

The premise of ‘fish-slap’ is that you’re trying to field as many sidekicks as quickly as possible, triggering the Atlantis as much as possible, and field Black Widows to buff them and overwhelm the opposition with numbers.



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