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Episode 18 – DFXL Practice

With the upcoming Dice Fight XL on a couple of days away as I write this we decided to use the theme in this weeks episode. The theme being full modern competitive with up to 2 cards from the upcoming Dark Phoenix Saga set that’s due for release next year.

You can find all the information for it here

It’s release is highly anticipated, with a lot of abilities and globals from a lot of the really early sets returning in some way, including globals that have previously appeared on Blue Eyes White Dragon, Doomcaliber Knight, Villainous Pact, Rip Hunter’s Chalkboard/Atlantis and Altas, as well as abilities that have appeared on Colossus, Human Torch, Jinzo and Jocasta.

You can find all the currently released spoilers for this and all the other previously announced upcoming sets here

We both chose similar win cons, both from the upcoming set with Alex choosing the overcrushing Gladiator who gains loyalty counters (essentially the same as experience that is used in the D&D sets) when Lilandra is KO’d, and the Lilandra that is the reprint of Jinzo: Trap Destroyer from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Set who penalises the opponent every time they use an action die or global ability.

I went for the same Lilandra, but my win con was the rare Dark Phoenix, who has a very similar ability as the super rare Jocasta from Age of Ultron which deals damage to the opponent equal to how much damage she is dealt. My team also included 7 different globals, a) to help with my win con and b) to entice my opponent to use them and trigger Lilandra’s ability



This was, unfortunately, quite one sided due, once again, to Alex’s inability to roll his key characters when he needed them most. I think this Dark Phoenix will be pretty strong if you can get her fielded quickly enough, especially against attack based teams, although overcrush will be her natural enemy, despite her big stats. The Lilandra, with her big stats and reprinted Jinzo ability looks super strong, and against certain teams (Green Lantern, Nebula/The Atom Awaken teams etc) that rely heavily on globals she will pretty much shut them down completely.

It would have been nice to have seen what gladiator could do with a few loyalty counters, as his stats are really good to start with, but this wasn’t to be his day to shine

How’s your team building going for DF XL? Are you supporting a current win con with DPS cards, or like Alex and myself are you trying a new win con from the upcoming set?

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