BWXF 3 Prizes and Dark Phoenix Saga

It is exactly one month until BWXF 3, so I hope everyone is bus and I realised that I hadn’t revealed any prizes yet, but we’ll get back to that shortly. Firstly, I hope everyone had a good festive period, I know we’re technically still in the middle of it, but I’m back to work!Continue reading “BWXF 3 Prizes and Dark Phoenix Saga”

Live Stream 2 – Episode 22 and Legacy 12

I’m still catching up, so this one will be short and sweet too! I think I will be going back to doing separate blog posts for the regular episodes and the legacy episodes after this one, doing the streams is great, but it has made me a bit more lazy on getting these out, soContinue reading “Live Stream 2 – Episode 22 and Legacy 12”

Almost Time! (Including Prize Giveaway Details)

It’s just under a week until our first regular stream on our Twitch channel and we are very excited to be firmly on the path to achieving affiliate status for the channel! We will be kicking things off around 7pm BST. This will mean that we can hopefully bring in a small amount of revenueContinue reading “Almost Time! (Including Prize Giveaway Details)”

Episode 20 – Max Dice and Keywords

This was one of our more random combos with all the cards we chose having to have a keyword, and a maxxed out dice count. This meant that if we wanted a card ‘just for the global’ then we would still need to assign max dice to it. We both went for reasonably straight forwardContinue reading “Episode 20 – Max Dice and Keywords”

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