BWX Fest 2

Team Lists

Here is all the information you will need for BWX Fest 2, which will be updated as and when we finalise details

Time and Place

Date: 12th June 2021

Where: Online through Discord (#bwx-fest)

Start Time: check in at 17:30 GMT, first round starts at 18:00 GMT

The event will be swiss rounds only. The number of participants will determine the number of rounds

Number of PlayersNumber of Rounds

Rounds are “best of One” and to be played over 45 minutes.

There will be NO TURNS AT TIME.

In the event of an incomplete game in the round the win will be awarded to the player with the highest life total at the end of the turn in which the timer ends. In the event of a tie the winner will be the player who LOST the roll off at the start. For this reason a roll off of sidekicks/wilds must be done at the start of each round to determine who gets to choose who goes first. If the winner of the roll off chooses to go second the other player is still deemed to have lost the roll off.

We will not be running any cuts – the leader-board will be based on Swiss Round performance. Matching performance will be decided by “Strength of Schedule” as determined by the exciting algorithmic machinations of Challonge.

We are asking participants to “check in” on Challonge and hang out on the Discord channel 30 minutes before start time, to ensure a prompt kick off at 6pm GMT.

Please submit team lists by 13:00 GMT on 12th June. Team lists can be submitted by e-mail to as a Dice Coalition Team Builder link or through the submission process on Discord with a Team Builder link. You can find the Team Builder here:

To submit through Discord please head to the channel and enter the team link preceded by the following code:


Team Building Format

The format for this event will be single die per card. Each card on your team will only be allowed to have 1 die assigned to it, Including Basic Action Cards

This will be a green level event

There will be a few bans/restrictions, but we are trying to keep this as simple as possible, here are the restrictions for this tournament

  • All Super Rares will be banned
  • The official Global Escalation ban list will be enforced (find the official list here)

Card Bans

  • Poison Ivy – A New Leaf
  • Malekith – King of the Dark
  • Black Manta – Deep Sea Deviant
  • Professor X – Trainer and Recruiting Young Mutants
  • Falcon – Recon

This list is unlikely to change, if you want any further rules/interactions clarifications, please contact us through the contact us section of the website, or through Discord or Facebook

Entry Requirements

This is a Ticketed event. Entry is $6 (approx £4) this is mainly to cover P&P for prizing. A Challonge account is required to enter the tournament.

You can use the following link to register for the event – Challonge Registration

Also you can use the following link to join the Dice Masters Discord Page, if you haven’t already – DM Discord Server


There will be a number of prizes awarded. This might be slightly different to how prizing is usually awarded! Because we want it to be more about the time spent with others and not necessarily about winning we will be awarding the grand prize to the player that finishes last! On the flip side, we don’t want the gameplay to be so poor that people are vying to purposefully lose games, so there will also be a separate prize for the player who finishes first.

We will also be doing a Tombola draw with not one, but two twists! (We may do some prizes as raffle prizes, depending on if certain sources come through)

Firstly, 1 ticket will be awarded for winning a game and 2 tickets will be awarded for losing a game

Secondly, they won’t actually be tickets. Instead we will be assigning each player a character from the Batman set and the corresponding dice will act as the raffle tickets and be drawn out of a bag at the end of the tournament!

Prize List

We have been busy collating an extraordinary prize pool for you guys that will be joining us for BWXF 2! Here’s what we have so far

Custom Play Mat designed by DM:United’s Peter van der Velde

Dice Bag(s) In production by my sister, here’s a teaser –

Custom Stu.ART Cards

Civil War Boosters

Faerun Under Siege Collectors Box

Green Lantern Brightest Day Hardback Graphic Novel

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