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BWX Fest 3


Here is all the information you will need for BWX Fest 3, which will be updated as and when we finalise details

Time and Place

Date: 29th January 2022

Where: Online through Discord (#bwx-fest)

Start Time: check in at 17:30 GMT, first round starts at 18:00 GMT

The event will be swiss rounds only. The number of participants will determine the number of rounds

Number of PlayersNumber of Rounds

Rounds are “best of One” and to be played over 45 minutes.

There will be NO TURNS AT TIME.

In the event of an incomplete game in the round the win will be awarded to the player with the highest life total at the end of the turn in which the timer ends. In the event of a tie the winner will be the player who LOST the roll off at the start. For this reason a roll off of sidekicks/wilds must be done at the start of each round to determine who gets to choose who goes first. If the winner of the roll off chooses to go second the other player is still deemed to have lost the roll off.

We will not be running any cuts – the leader-board will be based on Swiss Round performance. Matching performance will be decided by “Strength of Schedule” as determined by Challonge’s algorithms. (Better check your Bucholtz)

We are asking participants to “check in” on Challonge and hang out on the Discord channel 30 minutes before start time, to ensure a prompt kick off at 6pm GMT.

Please submit team lists by 23:59 GMT on 28th January. Team lists can be submitted by e-mail to as a Dice Coalition Team Builder link or through the submission process on Discord with a Team Builder link. You can find the Team Builder here:

To submit through Discord please head to the #bwx-fest channel and enter the .submit command, followed by a space and then your team link as per the following example:


Team Building Format

The format for this event will be Jimmy O’Brien’s Dice Masters XL which is the same basic rules as standard Dice Masters, but with more of everything else –

  • 10 Character/non Basic Action cards instead of 8
  • 24 Character/non Basic Action dice instead of 20
  • 3 Basic Action Cards Instead of 2
  • 12 Sidekick dice instead of 8
  • 30 Life instead of 20
  • Draw and roll 6 dice per turn instead of 4
  • Player 1 will draw 6, but only roll 5, with the 5th going straight out of play

You may be wondering – How do I build my team on the team builder website when I can only have 8 cards and 20 dice maximum? Luckily there is an option to disable the team limits so that you can build an XL team (or put more cards into a team to whittle them down to a normal size team). It’s found here –

If this option is checked then the only limits applied are the character names.

We will be using the Orange ban list that DM United use for the weekly Dice Fights, which can be found here –

We are trying to keep any other card bans to a minimum, as the point of the format is to go a little wild with your big power cards, however we feel the following card(s) will take away the fun for anyone that comes up against them

  • Spider-Man: Superior Team Up
  • Spider-Man: The Amazing

This list may expand if anything else that would particularly take advantage of the format comes to light, but as I said above we want to keep this to a minimum. If you want any further rules/interactions clarified, please contact us through the Contact Us section of the website, or through Discord or Facebook

Entry Requirements

This is a free to play event, however we will be accepting donations via the PayPal Donations button below. This will help us cover any postage costs, and allow us to improve the prize pool.

A Challonge account is required to enter the tournament.

You can use the following links to register for the event and to join the Dice Masters Discord Page, if you haven’t already


There will be a number of prizes awarded, all of which will be awarded by a raffle draw at the end of the tournament.

1 ticket will be awarded for winning a game and 2 tickets will be awarded for losing a game.

We have decided that to encourage donations (these donations will almost exclusively go towards buying prizes and sending them to winners) we will be awarding extra tickets to people who donate and we will also have a Kickstarter style Stretch Goal list with better prizes ‘unlocking’ the more people donate. This gives everyone the option to play for free if they want, but if people are generous enough to donate then there’s a little extra incentive to do so.

Prize List

We have been busy collating an extraordinary prize pool for you guys that will be joining us for BWXF 3!

As I mentioned above, when people donate it will unlock more prizes, so the more people who donate, the more prizes that will be unlocked. The other added bonus for people that do donate is that they will get 2 extra raffle entries – more prizes – more tickets – more postage money – It’s a win/win situation for all!

Here is the order the prizes will be unlocked

  1. TMNT Campaign box – UNLOCKED
  2. Trade Paperback 1 – Harley Quinn Vol 1 – Hot in the City – UNLOCKED
  3. TMNT Labyrinth – UNLOCKED
  4. TPB 2 – Battleworld – Marvel Zombies – UNLOCKED
  5. Spider-Man Maximum Carnage – UNLOCKED
  6. TPB 3 – Warzones! Secret Wars 2099 – UNLOCKED
  7. TPB 4 – Convergience Infinite Earths Book 1 – UNLOCKED
  8. TPB 5 – Thanos Rising *this is actually a Hardback – UNLOCKED
  9. TPB 6 – All-New All-Different Avengers The Magnificent 7- UNLOCKED
  10. TPB 7 – Battleworld – Thors

Here’s what we have so far……

Custom XL Play Mat

A Bonus BWXF2 Play Mat

Stu.ART Custom Alt Arts

BWX Dice Bag

Spider-Man Maximum Carnage Team Pack

TMNT Campaign Box – UNLOCKED

TMNT Labyrinth – LOCKED

Various TPB’s

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