BWX Modern Legacy

This is the place for all things BWX Modern Legacy. We decided that we needed more content, and feel that something legacy based is the way to go.

What is BWX Modern Legacy?

We’re not going to be doing strict legacy, more of a series showcasing as many different win cons as we can – hopefully unearthing some as yet undiscovered win cons along the way. So how our legacy bans will be handled is that we will only be banning the win con from each team. This is a slight change from the first couple of rounds where we were banning 2 cards from the winning team. The idea behind this reasoning being two-fold –

  • Firstly, we ultimately want to be looking through the (alternative) win cons and trying to finding optimised teams based around them, this will hopefully shake up and broaden the current meta, so having bans of the top tier enablers and support cards won’t allow us to fully explore alternative win cons.
  • Secondly, it will give new players an idea of what to expect from modern teams – some of the core support pieces and how they can be utilised in differing ways for different win cons and the different win cons themselves and their most commons enablers

Win Cons Used

Win cons and team links

  1. Becky Lynch: Maiden Ireland Vs The God Catcher: Famous Walking Statue
  2. Thor: Jormungand’s Fear Vs Green Lantern: Human
  3. Alex Iceman Vs Rob Iceman
  4. Angela: Asgardian of the Galaxy Vs Drow Mercenary: Hired Blade
  5. Attune (Wasp: Flitting About) Vs Spider-Man: Public Menace
  6. Thanos: Prove Love For Lady Death Vs Nebula: Space Pirate
  7. Sylgar: Small Bowl Vs Black Widow: The Widow’s Bite (Fish Slap)
  8. Foetid Bloat Drone: Putrid Explosion (Heenan Drone) Vs Tag Out
  9. Corvus Glaive: Grim Lieutenant Vs Chaos Warp
  10. Eldritch Blast Vs Jubilee: Wondra
  11. Poison Ivy: Criminal Because of Love Vs Mystique: O Bitter Victory
  12. Ghost Rider: Hellfire Vs Becky Lynch: The Man
  13. Jubilee: Olympic Gymnast Vs Sandman: Sinister
  14. The Riddler: Creature of Pure Pride Vs Ms. Marvel: NJ Native

Banned Cards

This table will be updated after each game

RoundSetCard NameSubtitleWinner
1TIWThe God CatcherFamous Walking StatueAlex
1WWEBecky LynchMaiden Ireland
2JUSGreen LanternHumanRob
2IGThorJormungand’s Fear
3XMFIcemanRight On ScheduleRob
4IGAngelaAsgardian of the GalaxyRob
4TIWDrow MercenaryHired Blade
5AIWaspFlitting About
5IGSpider-ManPublic MenaceRob
6KIThanosProve love For Lady DeathAlex
6IGNebulaSpace Pirate
7TIWSylgarSmall Bowl
7AIBlack WidowThe Widow’s BiteAlex
8BFUFoetid Bloat DronePutrid ExplosionAlex
8TAGTag Out
9IGCorvus GlaiveGrim LieutenantRob
9BFUChaos WarpBasic Action Card
10TIWEldritch BlastBasic Action Card
11XMFMystiqueO Bitter Victory
11JUSPoison IvyCriminal Because of LoveRob
12IGGhost RiderHellfire
12WWEBecky LynchThe ManAlex
13XMFJubileeOlympic GymnastRob
14IGMs. MarvelNJ Native
14JUSThe RiddlerCreature of Pure PrideRob

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