Episode 20 – Max Dice and Keywords

This was one of our more random combos with all the cards we chose having to have a keyword, and a maxxed out dice count. This meant that if we wanted a card ‘just for the global’ then we would still need to assign max dice to it. We both went for reasonably straight forwardContinue reading “Episode 20 – Max Dice and Keywords”

Episode 19 – Single Character – with fixed Video link

This week we return to one of our favourite formats, one character but as many different versions of that character, as long as the dice are distinguishable and the title is the same. Oh, and all the versions share all the text from all the cards! That’s right, who will prevail when the Brimstone BikerContinue reading “Episode 19 – Single Character – with fixed Video link”

Episode 15 – The BWX Fest Preview Episode

BWX Fest 2 is almost upon us with less than a week to go, this episode falls nicely with enough time to hopefully sway you towards building a team and playing! If you’ve never played online or in an online tournament, this is going to be a great jumping on point, it’s super casual andContinue reading “Episode 15 – The BWX Fest Preview Episode”

Episode 12 – one to rule them (+BWXF2)

This episode come with a special announcement – BWXF 2 is coming to a Jitsi room near you soon! We were totally blown away by the turnout for our original Breath Weapon X fest (the same number of participants as Virtual Worlds!) and decided we obviously did something right in choosing such a random andContinue reading “Episode 12 – one to rule them (+BWXF2)”

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